One of the departments of APG is the first professional model training school in Greece, based on the experience and program of ART-PODIUM model school Odesa Ukraine, which exists since 1995 in tandem with ART-PODIUM model agency – the leading model agency in Ukraine, oriented not only to local modeling but also to long-term career building of high fashion models abroad.       


 The main goal of ART-PODIUM is to teach fashion models  the skills required in local and international modeling, as well as professional information and practice for everyone who wants to improve in the field of fashion, beauty, style and self-presentation. Even if you do not plan to tie yourself with modeling, training at a modeling school will be very useful in everyday life. Courses like these bring a lot to the outside world and work positively with your inner self, increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem. An exclusive training programme is designed for this purpose, with one-to-one tuition by a professional team of teachers.


Each year the studio school plans to hold seasonal training sessions for ALL comers, as the programme gives a chance and satisfies everyone’s interest and needs. Standard, + size, and junior groups are planned. At the end of the course a test is arranged and every graduate receives a Certificate of Course Completion, a set of professional photos and a real chance to work with model agencies (primarily with APGmod) and ability to become a face of APG.

APG model school is a confident step into the fascinating world of fashion and beauty, backed by hard work. If you are ready then come to us!




It is the main subject of the school. The main goal of these lessons is to provide catwalk technique, a specific movement technique on the runway, stage and in any other space. There are two main areas within the defile syllabus: classical catwalking and current trends. Great attention is paid to posture, the technique of step, look, body movements, studying of model posing, turns, movement techniques in staging different styles, work with outerwear and accessories etc. Of course, you can not do without breathing exercises, coordination exercises, a sense of rhythm, and relaxation, allowing you to learn to control your body perfectly.


A course dedicated to the rules, terms, subtleties and ethics of the modelling profession.


This is the most valuable advice and information on photo posing. You will learn all the terms and necessary theories to understand the photographer and navigate freely on set. You will understand the types and features of the shoot. It's critical for a model to be able to work with emotion and get in the right frame of mind for the shoot. We will tell you how to do it and share with you the secrets of facial expressions, body movements and poses used by professionals.


Basic style, combinatorics, modern branding and how to use it. Create your personality and professional style.


It's an art which is not only about applying make-up correctly but also about creating a look according to the situation and the overall style of the request. Make-up classes are about mastering the skills and secrets of image-making, always taking into account the overall look and skin conditions, modern cosmetology and the latest make-up trends. You will learn how to use different make-up techniques, and learn the peculiarities of make-up for fashion shows and photo shoots.


This unit will not leave anyone indifferent. Modern hair care, both every day and salon care. Innovations of dyeing, haircuts and hairstyles. Individual approach.


The main emphases of this course are made on stretching, correct breathing, body movement, coordination and balance of the center of gravity. A sense of rhythm and 'shoulder' is also developed, which is very important for both professional fashion and graceful gait in general.


This course deals with strategies and tactics to manage your own emotions before and during the performance, how to create a first impression, to attract and retain attention, to work with the audience and in front of the camera, cope with anxiety and stiffness. etiquette.


During our course, we invite our students to attend castings, shootings and fashion shows to get a direct insight into the profession and to try themselves in it. We also offer workshops from fashion specialists, creative meetings and masterclasses with successful models.

Enroll now and unlock your full potential in the Fashion Industry.

Our course will be valuable not only for aspiring models, who will gain a solid foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge to confidently launch their modeling careers, but also for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the world of modeling and fashion. You will learn how to maintain a toned body, develop good posture, master professional makeup, hairstyling, and good photography skills, and perhaps even discover your future career path. Many of our graduates have not only become successful models, but also designers, stylists, *fashion show producers*, makeup artists, fashion photographers, television hosts, and voiceover artists.

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